Prosimy o zapoznanie się z regulaminem apartamentów

We will be very grateful for your cooperation in obeying this regulations, which is are intended to ensure peaceful and secure stay for all of our guests.

  1. Apartments are rented per nights
  2. Check in time 2 pm. Checkout time 11:00 am. Guests who will not check-out until 12 a.m. will be charged for the next night
  3. If the guest does not specify the length of their stay on arrival, it is assumed that the apartment was rented for one night
  4. In order to confirm your reservation within 48 hours (two working days) you should pay 50% of the total cost of your stay.
  5. If the guest does not declare late arrival reservation isguaranteed until 6 pm
  6. Reservations can be canceled or changed, if we are informed of this fact by telephone (number: 61 223 60 61) no later than 48 hours before the reservation date. Then the advance will be returned to the account which it was paid from, and your credit card will not be charged with any cost. Otherwise, the advance shall be lost or credit card will be charged for one night.
  7. It is forbidden to lend the apartment to anyone who is not checked in. Guests can not hand over the suite to others, even before the end of the period the room was rented for.
  8. The person who is not checked in the suite is obliged to leave it until 11 pm. The guest who rented the suite is fully responsible for the visitors in the suite.
  9. If you need an invoice, please notify us at the arrival. The invoice can be written out within 7 days of receiving the receipt. After the deadline we can refuse writing out the invoice.
  10. Quiet hours are from 10:00p.m to 7:00a.m
  11. We do not take responsibility for the loss or damage to a car or another vehicle belonging to the guest.
  12. Guests are responsible for all types of damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices in the apartment arising from their fault or their visitors.
  13. The keys to of the apartment have to be picked up and brought back at the Retro Hostel reception on 1 Kramarska Street in Poznan.
  14. For losing or not returning the key at the reception (RetroHostel,Poznan , Kramarska Street to 2 p.m on the day of check-out) the fee in the amount of 300 zł will be charged.
  15. Personal belongings left in the apartment will be sent to the address indicated by the guests at their expense. If we are not asked for sending back your belongings, we are obliged to store them for a period of 3 months.